The Town of Pembray

Pembray is a town of 3,200 residents in southeastern Braddon, in the headlands of the South Fork of the Derry River.


The Blackpot Tavern: A quaint and rustic tavern on the edge of the Midday Market Square. Run by siblings Aivar and Tamunie Osel. Rooms, food, and drink are all fairly-priced. Located on the Northern edge of the Midday Market Square.

The East Tower: A small building with a catwalk around the thatched roof. Generally manned by members of Pembray’s town guard. Located a mile and a half east of Pembray.

Kozelek’s Smithy: Located south of the Midday Market Square. Run by Kozelek, a Cullidenian immigrant.

The Midday Market Square: The sizable square near the western edge of town is paved with large flagstone blocks. It is home to the Midday Market every day aside from Holy Days and rare special occasions. Local vendors and traveling merchants peddle wares from tents and booths. There is a stage on the northern face of the square, which is generally occupied by dancers, minstrels, or the auctioneer. At noon each day, there is an auction held on the more choice items brought in by the merchants. Some days’ auctions are more lucrative than others, but something is sold each day. Yuel Gosoty administers the daily auctions.

Pembray Mire: A 2,400 square mile wetland that begins four miles east of the town. Primarily snowmelt from the Greatspine Mountains, it carries high concentrations of gold. Melting mushrooms, a valuable crop due to its hallucinogenic properties, grow throughout the mire. Cypress trees and spanish moss dominate the landscape.

The Sept in the Tower: The modest church to the Common Gods occupies the lower levels of an old watchtower On the eastern edge of the Midday Market Square. Elder Barrett Aliacett Resides in the church and presides over the services every tenday.

Quill and Raven Curiosity Shoppe: Run by the late Harmen Whately and his wife Cherise. Home to a rather extensive library for a town as small as Pembray, as well as a healthy stock of rare items and exotic herbs. Located a few blocks east of the Midday Market Square.


The Pembray family has lorded over the town for many generations. The current patron is Lord Holman Pembray.

The town guard employs a dozen men, and is captained by Braffin Redd.


Pembray’s economy is primarily based on gold panning in Pembray Mire, a large swamp east of town. Melting mushrooms and other exotic and valuable flora are picked in the mire as well. Prospecting and gathering in the mire is dangerous business, however, due to the wild creatures, treacherous environment, and constant threat of lizardfolk marauders. The primary domestic crop of the area is sugar cane.


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