The Kingdom of Braddon

The kingdom of Braddon covers approximately 1.4 million square miles and is home to 56 million civilized residents.


Derryport is the capital city of Braddon, boasting a population of 104,000. Derryport is located on the mouth of the Derry River where it meets the Shattered Sea in southern Braddon.

Varonne is a large city in southern Braddon home to about 41,00 residents. It sits about 600 miles inland from Derryport along the Derry River, where the South and East Forks converge.

Barriston’s Hold is a small town at the convergence of the North and South Forks of the Derry River, about 130 miles inland from Derryport.

Pembray is a town of 3,200 residents in Southern Braddon, located at the beginning of the South Fork of the Derry River.

Olstead is a small town of 1.900 residents in Southern Braddon, about 90 miles west of Braddon along the South Fork of the Derry River.

Citadel Mordain is a Dwarven stronghold on the East Fork of the Derry River.


The Sentinel Forest encompasses much of northwestern Braddon. It is densely grown with ancient redwoods, and is home to all manner of mystical flora and fey creatures.

The Greatspine is a huge mountain range that runs north-to-south through the entirety of the continent of Torinth. It covers the eastern edge of Braddon.


King Gyles II is the monarch of Braddon. He rules the kingdom from the Bellwether Palace in Derryport, where he is advised by the members of the Oaken Council.


The primary exports and industries of the region include whiskey and ale, furs, gold, woodcrafts, wool, fish, and game animals.


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