Pockets of civilization dot the landscape of the five sprawling kingdoms of Torinth. The people of Torinth are as diverse as the land they inhabit: Distillers and shepherds work the emerald-green land of Braddon, whalers and miners toil on the jagged coasts and frozen peaks of Culliden, artists and vintners hone their crafts on the Painted Coast of Dessania, spice and textile merchants sail out from the port cities of Fyreese daily, and the men and women of Amiere hunt and pick their livelihood from the dense jungles and sun-warmed waters of their land.

Halflings travel throughout the five kingdoms in ornately-decorated caravans peddling exotic wares from across every sea.

The graceful, wise and xenophobic Elves live primarily in the Sunfall Isles, far across the Shattered Sea to the West.

The hardy and industrious Dwarves have been burrowed into the Greatspine Mountains since the world was young; their impenetrable citadels standing in testament to their unrivaled craftsmanship.

The gold orcs live in peaceful isolation on the island of Gho-Ralakk, mining for gems; while the red orcs roam in tribes across Torinth, pillaging and burning wherever they step.

The most prominent and palpable feature of Torinth is the unknown. Only a small portion of the great land is settled, and what remains beyond contains limitless possibilities. Whispers can be heard in every tavern throughout the five kingdoms, from men who claim to have escaped the jagged blades of goblinoid tribes, the fearsome tusks and claws of trolls, the soaring boulders of giants, and even the searing breath of ancient dragons. All of these whispers carry danger, but with danger comes the opportunity for riches, and more importantly, glory.

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