The Torinthian Calendar

The Torinthian year is 372 days long. Its calendar is comprised of 12 months, and each month is 30 days long. There are four holidays, each one presided over by one of the common gods. The holidays are each three-day long festivals that fall between the end of one month and the beginning of the next, on the solstices and equinoxes.

All months and holidays have multiple names that are used interchangeably. The colloquial names for each month and holiday are borne from the function and events of the time: Snowmoon, Plantingmoon, Seedsow, et cetera. The formal names for the holidays are based on their presiding deity (Holy Days of Kiharn, etc), while the formal names for the months are numerical based on the season (First Moon of Summer, etc).

Wolfmoon/First Moon of Winter
Snowmoon/Second Moon of Winter
Sapmoon/Third Moon of Winter

Seedsow/Holy Days of Oshaia

Youngmoon/First Moon of Spring
Plantingmoon/Second Moon of Spring
Rosemoon/Third Moon of Spring

Sunshower/Holy days of Belenos

Thundermoon/First Moon of Summer
Goldenmoon/Second Moon of Summer
Harvestmoon/Third Moon of Summer

Speardance/Holy Days of Kiharn

Huntersmoon/First Moon of Autumn
Dyingmoon/Second Moon of Autumn
Coldmoon/Third Moon of Autumn

Longnight/Holy Days of Yurihxie

The Torinthian Calendar

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