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  • Braddon

    The Kingdom of Braddon

    The kingdom of Braddon covers approximately 1.4 million square miles and is home to 56 million civilized residents.


    [[Derryport]] is the capital city of Braddon, boasting a population of 104, …

  • Pembray

    The Town of Pembray

    Pembray is a town of 3,200 residents in southeastern Braddon, in the headlands of the South Fork of the Derry River.


    The Blackpot Tavern: A quaint and rustic tavern on the edge of the …

  • Olstead

    The Town of Olstead

    Olstead is a town of 1,900 residents in southeastern Braddon, on the South Fork of the Derry River.


    The Granary: By far the largest building in Olstead, it is used as a communal storehouse for the …

  • Lord Holman Pembray

    Holman Pembray is a portly man of 50 years who lords over the town of [[Pembray]] in [[Braddon]]. He is very well-dressed and well-fed, but there is some concern in the town that is focus on those two aspects of his life may take too much of his attention …

  • Jacen Shadowleaf

    Jacen Shadowleaf and his twin brother Ken Kain were born on on the second day Longnight, in the city of Derryport. His parents, an Elvin Druidess named Shadowleaf the Exiled and a human Ranger by the name of Kelbas Kain had taken shelter in the city …

  • Lady Anetta Pembray

    A striking yet dour woman in her late twenties, Lady Anetta Pembray is the third wife of Lord Holman. Married in 984, they have two young sons together. She rarely speaks to anyone in the town aside from Lord Holman, their children, and their servants.

  • DrĂºstan Arthfael

    Lord Vyncent and Lady Celia Arthfael have five sons. Four of those sons have served as Commanders in Braddon's Royal Navy, as their father. Four of those sons have Been knighted at Bellwether Palace in Derryport. The other one is DrĂºstan. The youngest …

  • Clay Whately

    Clay is the third of five children born to Harmen and Cherise Whately in the town of Pembray in Braddon. Harmen is a graduate of the Nine Spires, the arcane college in Dessania. Unlike many other trained mages who have gone on to work for large retainers …

  • Braffin Redd

    A seasoned veteran of wars with human and monstrous enemies alike, currently 47 years of age. Leads the dozen men in Pembray's town guard. Reports directly to Lord Pembray. Close friends with Elder Barrett Aliacett and the late Harmen Whately.

  • Enryn Foxe

    At 19 years old, Enryn is one of the youngest members of Pembray's Town Guard. Frequent user of melting mushrooms. Brother of late Arryn Foxe, who killed himself at the East Tower days after witnessing the lizardfolk attack.